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SSO 2018 in Chicago: Experience the Spectrum of Innovation and Application

The spectrum of innovative treatments and patient applications widens day by day. To expand your knowledge—and your network of peers—we invite you to join us from March 21-24, 2018 for the 71st SSO Annual Cancer Symposium at McCormick Place Lakeside Center, Chicago, Illinois.

Rich with history in medical innovation, Chicago plays a significant role in the evolution of cancer care—from historical research contributions to contemporary surgical techniques.

Emil Grubbe was the first to use x-rays to diagnose cancer—in 1898, in Chicago.
In the labs at the University of Chicago, Dr. Leon Jacobson studied chemotherapy’s effectiveness as a treatment for lymphoma and leukemia.
The Genomic Data Commons—the largest repository of cancer genomic data in the world—calls Sweet Home Chicago home.
Two of the 47 National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Centers are located in Chicago.
Chicago surgical oncologists were among the country’s first surgeons to effectively use the da Vinci Robotic Surgery System on gastrointestinal, lung and prostate cancers.
In short, Chicago embodies “The Spectrum of Innovation and Application.” So, come to Chicago for SSO 2018 and take your rightful place among your peers—both historical and contemporary.