PreludeDx – Our Mission

PreludeDx was founded with the goal of providing better decision-making tools to breast cancer patients and physicians. Founded in 2009 with technology licensed from University of California San Francisco, PreludeDx has focused on developing breast cancer tools that will impact a patient’s treatment decision. Our mission is to provide tools that improve patient outcomes in breast cancer and reduce the overall cost burden to the healthcare system.

PreludeDx – Our Values

Patient Focused: We realize that every sample that comes through our laboratory has a patient behind it and it is our job to ensure that we handle each sample with care and provide results back to the patient and physician in a timely manner. PreludeDx exists to take care of the needs of our patients.

Quality First: We will put quality systems and processes first and foremost as we provide the highest quality results to our patients and physicians.

Driving Innovation: PreludeDx will strive to find new innovative tools and processes that assist patients and physicians for the better management of cancer.

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Management Team

Daniel Forche
President & CEO

Edwin C. Hendrick
Chief Commercial Officer

Andrew Sundberg
Vice President, Global Sales

Matthew Tate
Vice President, Business Development

David J. Dabbs, MD
Chief of Pathology

Jess Savala, MD
Medical Director

Kristen Apgar
Director, Human Resources and Corporate Administration

Jasmin Valverde
Director, Operations and Project Management

Elaine Luckey
Director, Quality

Board of Directors

Olav Bergheim

Hugh Neuharth
Board Member

Daniel Forche
President & CEO

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