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Dr. Sheree Brown

Radiation Oncologist
Wellstar Medical Group
Marietta, GA

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For Black History month, PreludeDx is honored to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Black doctors, and particularly Women Treating Women with DCIS breast cancer.  We are honored to recognize radiation oncologist Dr. Sheree Brown and her impactful contributions and commitment to treating breast cancer.

“My passion lies in building relationships with my patients and making a difference in each of their lives,” she says. “I truly enjoy helping people and caring for my patients.”

Visit https://preludedx.com/physicians/ to learn how Dr. Sheree Brown and many others help women with DCIS by utilizing DCISionRT to provide personalized and informed treatment.

Dr. Rachel Rabinovitch

Radiation Oncologist
UCHealth Radiation Oncology – Anschutz Medical Campus
Aurora, CO

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In 2021, we are proud to continue showing appreciation for Women Treating Women™. Of the ~60,000 women expected to be diagnosed with DCIS in the new year, those treated by physicians like Dr. Rachel Rabinovitch, radiation oncologist at UCHealth (University of Colorado), will fight the battle armed with the security of knowing her treatment plan has been well informed according to her tumor biology. “Cancer care can be very complicated, and it is important to me that my patients are informed and educated partners in whatever treatment they chose to receive,” she says.

For more information on how Dr. Rabinovitch and others do just that by utilizing DCISionRT to determine if radiation will benefit a specific woman with DCIS breast cancer, please visit: https://preludedx.com/physicians

Dr. April Spencer

Founder and Chief Operating Surgeon of Dr. Spencer’s Global Breast Health & Wellness Center
Conyers, GA

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Did you know that there are only 60 hospitals in the US with breast oncology Fellowship programs? Fellowship trained breast surgeons spend an additional year of comprehensive training after already completing 5 years of general surgery training according to Society of Surgical Oncology. Breast oncology Fellowships promote comprehensive breast cancer treatment plans using a multidisciplinary, patient-centered approach.

Meet Fellowship trained breast surgeon, Dr. April Spencer, and learn how she utilizes her patient-centered approach and expertise to formulate the best treatment plan for each unique patient. https://www.draprilspeed.com/

“I provide comprehensive, 100% dedicated breast surgery practice with dignity and detail in a serene, patient-centered environment. Together we can treat it, beat it, move on!”

Visit https://preludedx.com/physcians/ to learn how Dr. April Spencer and others use DCISionRT to help provide a personalized and informed approach to determine if radiation will benefit a specific women with DCIS breast cancer.

Dr. Anne Peled

Dual Fellowship Trained Oncologic Breast Surgeon and Board Certified Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon
San Fransisco, CA

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Unfortunately, ~ 57% of women diagnosed with breast cancer make treatment decisions that do not match their personal preferences according to breastcancer.org.  However, DCISionRT testing can help women and their doctor make informed and personalized DCIS treatment decisions.  We are honored to recognize Women Treating Women™ who diagnosed with DCISBreastCancer.
Meet Oncologic Breast Surgeon, Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon, and #BreastCancerSurvivor, Dr. Anne Peled, and learn how her own breast cancer journey has strengthened her dedication to provide empathic, personalized care for her patients.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3cl0bcLeXw.
“Being diagnosed with breast cancer myself, gives me the unusual perspective of both the expert and the patient. This has also only strengthened my dedication to provide the most empathic and personal care for my patients, to research and innovate the most cutting-edge techniques and practices for breast cancer surgery and reconstruction, and to educate my peers and the public on the best care and prevention for breast cancer and breast health.”
Visit https://preludedx.com/physicians/ to learn how Dr. Anne Peled and others use DCISionRT to help provide a personalized and informed approach to determine if radiation will benefit a specific women with DCIS breast cancer.
Dr. Catherine Hwang

Dr. Catherine Hwang

Section Chief of Breast Radiation Oncology
AdventHealth Cancer Institute
Orlando, FL

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Approximately 60,000 women are diagnosed with DCIS (Stage0) breast cancer each year according to @breastcancer.org, and DCISionRT testing can help these women and their doctors make informed and personalized DCIS treatment decisions.

In this last week of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we’d like to continue recognizing Women Treating Women with DCIS. Meet Section Chief of Breast Radiation Oncology, Dr. Catherine Hwang, who recognizes and values the uniqueness of each of her patients.

“Even though breast cancer is a common diagnosis among women, each case is different and each patient has her own story and concerns. By integrating compassionate care with the most recent advances in breast cancer, I am able to provide my patients with the best possible treatment options.”

Learn how Dr. Catherine Hwang and others use a personalized approach to determine if radiation will benefit a specific woman with DCIS breast cancer. Visit Physicians for more information.

Dr. Anushka Patel

Radiation Oncologist
Arizona Center for Cancer Care
Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ

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We are honored to recognize Women Treating Women™ diagnosed with DCIS Breast Cancer.

Meet radiation oncologist, Dr. Anushka Patel, and learn how she helps her patients with breast cancer thrive through patient-centered treatment.

“I have had the privilege of practicing radiation oncology for 11 years and have developed a particular interest in providing patient-centered treatment of breast cancer.  My passion goes beyond treatment and focuses on building personal relationships with my patients. This allows me to offer highly individualized care. I believe the process of understanding my patient’s needs, taking time to educate them of their best options, and providing support throughout treatment, helps my breast cancer patients not only survive but thrive.”

Learn how Dr. Anushka Patel and others use a personalized approach to determine if radiation will benefit women with DCIS breast cancer. Visit Physicians for more information.

Dr. Christy Kesslering

Dr. Christy Kesslering

Radiation Oncology Consultants
Warrenville, IL

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During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, PreludeDx is celebrating Women Treating Women™ with Breast Cancer.

Learn how Dr. Christy Kesslering and other breast cancer doctors use a personalized approach to determine if Radiation Therapy will benefit women with DCIS breast cancer. Visit Physicians for more information.

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