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How does the DCISionRT test benefit me?

The DCISionRT test quantifies the risk of your DCIS coming back (recurring) as well as predicting whether radiation therapy will benefit you.

What information does DCISionRT give me?

Based on the biology of your DCIS, the DCISionRT test provides you and your physician the information needed to make a decision whether surgery alone or surgery with radiation therapy is appropriate.

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The DCISionRT® test indicates your individual risk of recurrence and expected benefit from radiation therapy.

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DCISionRT is a risk assessment test for patients with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The test was developed by PreludeDx and built on research that began with funding from the National Cancer Institute to better understand the biology of DCIS. DCISionRT assesses a patient’s individual biology along with other risk factors to provide a personalized assessment that predicts the risk of your DCIS coming back (recurring) over the next 10 years. The test calculates a personalized recurrence score and identifies your risk as low or elevated. DCISionRT provides information that may help you and your physician make a more informed treatment decision.

The DCISionRT test can be an important part of your doctor’s effort to evaluate your specific health needs and recommend the most appropriate treatment for your DCIS. By evaluating seven different biomarkers as well as other risk factors, DCISionRT provides the insight needed to better understand your risk of DCIS recurrence. Based upon your personalized results, the test allows you and your physician to make a decision whether surgery alone or surgery with radiation is appropriate.
DCISionRT should be ordered after initial diagnosis to accurately assess your risk. After your breast care physician receives the DCISionRT test report, he/she will then sit down with you to discuss your results and personalized treatment plan.
DCISionRT is easily ordered by your breast care doctor. An order request can simply be faxed by your doctor’s office to PreludeDx. Our Care Team will take care of locating your original biopsy or surgical specimen and provide results to your doctor within 2-3 days from receipt—no additional biopsy or surgery is required.

PreludeDx is leading the way with unsurpassed turnaround time and provides results in as little as 3-5 days from receiving your specimen. We understand the anxiety associated with uncertainty and strive to get you results quickly so that you and your doctor can make an informed decision.

PreludeDx currently accepts all insurance plans. As with all healthcare, your insurance may include a deductible, co-insurance or co-pay amount depending on your individual plan. PreludeDx is sensitive to all patient needs and offers a variety of financial assistance programs. Contact our Patient Care Team, at 888.211.3247 for more information.

DCISionRT is the latest innovation for DCIS patients. Physicians across the country, including the top US cancer centers use DCISionRT in their treatment planning. If you have questions about discussing this new test with your doctor or need to find a doctor to order, please contact our Customer Care team at 888.211.3247.

If you are interested in speaking with a patient advocate, please contact our Customer Care Team at 888.211.3247.