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DCISionRT, the Only DCIS Test to Predict Radiation Therapy Benefit

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Increasing Patient Access to DCISionRT with GenesisCare

 Increasing Patient Access to DCISionRT

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  • Dr. Anushka Patel
  • Dr. Christy Kesslering

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The DCIS Test That Enables Personalized Treatment

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DCISionRT enables physicians to deliver precision medicine to DCIS patients

Results are shown are for the 196 patients treated with conserving surgery treated patients with clear margins in a multisite study. Total recurrence risks shown are adjusted for year of diagnosis. This was demonstrated in a multisite study of 474 patients1.

1 Bremer T, Whitworth P, Patel R, et al. . A biologic signature for breast ductal carcinoma in situ to predict radiation therapy (RT) benefit and assess recurrence risk. Clin Cancer Res . 2018; doi:10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-18-0842.